2013 Started the SiC Industrial Technology Development Program for two years at the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
2012 Started the mass production of the 15” (120kg) single-crystal sapphire ingots.
2011 Started developing and producing 13” (90kg) single-crystal sapphire ingots.
Expansion of the Phase 2 and phase 3 Tou Fen plant was completed and the phase 2 plant was put into operation.
Started developing 15” (120kg) single-crystal sapphire ingots.
2010 Started establishing phase 2 plant building at Q4.
Spin-off from parent company ACME on Oct. 1, 2010.
2009 Started developing and producing 12” single-crystal Sapphire Ingots.
2008 Established Sapphire plant at Tou-Fen Town.
Got ISO9001 certification.
Started developing and producing 9” single-crystal Sapphire Ingots.
2007 Started manufacturing and selling 8” single-crystal Sapphire Ingots.
2006 Kyropoulos method (sapphire growing technologies for 20kg) was introduced into ACME from Europe.
Started performing “Leading Product Development Program” at the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Company Information
Chairman: Quintin Wu
President: James Huang
Head Office: 12th Floor, No.37 , Ji-Hu Rd., Nei-Hu Dist., Taipei, Taiwan
Plant: No. 160 Sec., 1 Yongzhen Rd., Toufen Town, Miaoli County, Taiwan
Capital: US$22million
TEL: 886-37-630168
FAX: 886-37-630169